Deskscribble not only allows you to draw on top of your desktop
and all open windows
, it is also an easy to use whiteboard,
and perfect for your own and your kids' scribbles.

Perfect for presentations, visual demonstrations,
desktop highlighting, annotations, writing notes,
scribbles, kids' doodles, and much much more
Flexible Canvas

Set your canvas to show your desktop, a whiteboard or a blackboard. This allows you many more usecases then you can imagine.

Wacom Tablet Support

Deskscribble supports Wacom tablets with pressure sensitivity and your Wacom pen eraser.

Presentation Mode

Activate presentation mode to use Deskscribble on top of your Keynote or PowerPoint presentations. Even more you can choose which display to use with Deskscribble.

Global Shortcuts

Use Deskscribble with your own global shortcuts. You can also use predefined Shortcuts for all tools and other options.

One Click Canvas Wiping

Just hit the wipe button and start with fresh ideas on a cleaned canvas. With Deskscribble wiping is easier then ever.

Powerful Tools and Options

• Pencil (with pressure sensitivity)
• Eraser (with Wacom tablet support)
• Click through tool (to interact with other apps)
• Color picker
• Thickness slider

Get Social

With Deskscribble you can easily share your scribble to Facebook, Flickr and via CloudApp. Just hit the share button, choose your prefered sharing options and you are done.

Autosaving Importing and Exporting

Never lose your scribbles, Deskscribble will autosave your drawings and when you bring up Deskscribble after quitting it the last time all your drawings are there where you left them. You can even export your drawings in various formats and print them with Apple Preview. Deskscribble also lets you import your drawings so you can continue working on them or import other stuff to annotate

Endless Colors and Opacity

Unlike other apps Deskscribble supports the whole range of supporter colors (16,7 Mio.) Deskscribble also has full opacity support. So you have endless possibilities for your scribbles.

Undo and Redo Support

Desksribble has full undo and redo support. So you do not have to care if you did a mistake, just hit undo and start over again;)

Raw Open GL Power

Deskscribbles drawing engine is completely built with Open GL for blazing fast drawings and smooth lines.
Technical Specification

System Requirements

• Mac OS X 10.6.6 (Snow Leopard) and above
• Intel Mac
• 1 GB RAM

Mac OS X Technologies

• Open GL
• Universal Binary
• 32 bit and 64 bit supported